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Rotary Tumblers

Hi everyone I saw a few post asking for cheep tumblers and saw many
replies where to find cheep vibrating tumblers ( gun shops) I just
wanted to add my two cents in for rotary tumblers, a nice cheep
place is they sell
Lortones tumblers, the page is meant for rock tumbling but the
tumblers can be used for jewelry with steel shot as well. As far as
the quality of lortones tumblers go I can not vouch for them because
I have not ordered mine yet, but I’m sure someone will see this post
that has one and might be able to give us some insight on weather or
not it’s a good product.

On another note I want to wish everyone who got a raffle ticket for
the Nuetec J-2r, Good luck! I just really hope I win ha-ha ( I have
bad luck so its doubtful) And for everyone who is going to the dinner
to have fun, wish I could be there.


Hello Michael , I have a Lortone tumbler which is at least 10 years
old and it was not new when I bought it. It is a sturdy machine,
designed for rock tumbling I believe, and I can only say that is has
never stopped working for me. ( It is probably listening right now
and will break down next time I use it.) Steel shot, warm water and
a shot of liquid detergent gives a beautiful soft sheen to silver and

Ruth, in cold, wet, windy Nottingham in the UK.

I purchased a tumbler from “” and was very pleased
with the price and the customer service. I shopped around, and they
had the best price I could find. Shipping was almost immediate.

Speaking of cheap tumblers, TSI’s latest flyer has a 3lb rotary
tumbler for $29.99. In the picture it looks like an off-brand, but
rotary machines are pretty simple… This is not an endorsement of
TSI (, I’m just saying that they are offering up a
super cheap rotary tumbler.

We have some Lortones and they seem to run forever.

Dana Carlson