Rotary tool for working with resin pendants?

those are the rotary tools available, to my knowledge. i need to know
which one to get. let me tell you the situation at hand i have some
resin like epoxy resin or whatever pendants that i “cast” in a mold.
now they are pointy and sharp

  1. i need the dremel to sand them down.

  2. i need the dremel to polish them

  3. i need the dremel to then drill a hole in them so i can make the
    pendant a necklace.

now which rotary tool should i be getting, in YOUR OPINION. i have
read that the 4000 is pwerfull and may be a good choice and i have
also read that the stylus is good for intricate things, and as for
the rest of the rotary tools, i know not much about… but what do u
think would be best please help me figure this out. if u have an
idea, can u tell me why.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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