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Rose gold wire

I remember someone on here searching for it recently.

Were you successful? If so… help

I searched the orchid archives, but can’t find the post(s)…

The only thing I’ve located so far is square wire. I’d like round,
soft-to-half-hard, 24-26 gauge if possible.

My mother likes the look/colors of copper and brass, so I’d like to
make her something special with gold - the piece I’m making for her
is made with unakite and we both agree it looks far better with
copper/rose gold than anything else.



I get rose gold wire all the time, and other colors as well, from
Hoover and Strong.


Hi Dori,

I buy pink gold round wire from Ross Metals. They have a limited
number of different gauges in pink but you can find a close one
anyway, and in various hardnesses.

	Ross Metals
	54 West 47th St. NY NY 10036
	fx: 1-212-768-3018



Hoover & Strong in Richmond Virginia will be able to make your gold
wire in pink/red gold, in either 18kt or 14kt. They also have
colored solder to match the alloy kt and color. Round wire in gauges
of 26 gauge or smaller is a special order, although I often receive
mine (several ounces at a time) the very next day. And, you can
designate exactly how hard or soft you want the product to be. Call
the toll free number 800-759-9997 or visit their website at .

Usual disclaimer - no affiliation, I am just a long term customer.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturl1

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA