Rose gold tubing

Hello everyone,

I am trying to source some 14K rose gold tubing (for tube setting)
but cannot seem to find them anywhere. I’ve tried Rio Grande, Otto
Frei, and a few local metals/findings supplier I usually buy metals
from. Does anyone know where I can source this in North America?

I’m looking for approx 2mm outside diameter or smaller, thick walled
for tube setting. 14K rose gold (NOT rose gold FILLED)

Thank you for any suggestions and leads!

I know its wasteful, but you can always drill out round wire to make


For small production run I would use solid 2mm rose gold wire and
then drillit out after center punching it. Quicker then searching
for tubing and no left over tubing laying around.

Vernon Wilson
Panama Bay Jewelers

Hoover and strong. Great variety

Why not just draw some out? You’d have the best control over
diameter and wall thickness that way.

Elliot Nesterman

Also wasteful perhaps but could you hack an earring? Rio Grande sells some rose gold hoop earrings made of tubing.

Stuller has it. They also have rose gold tube settings.