Rose gold - soldering

I have a problem soldering rose gold. I can never get the solder
to flow completely. The solder seems to oxidize long before I ever
reach flowing temperature, greatly inhibiting its’ purpose.
Sometimes it won’t flow at all. I eventually resorted to 14K easy
commercially purchased (not personally alloyed) rose solder and
still have the same outcome. I should also note that the majority
of rose gold that I have to deal with (repair) is of Portuguese
origin and 99 percent of that is hollow. Am I alone? Any

Thank-you sincerely,

Rob, go to your locas plumbing supply store and purchase some
staysilv silver solder flux, it will solv your problem , you might
also cut down on the ox to your tourch. Vernon

Try using different amounts of borax flux (white) as rose gold is
alloyed with copper which oxidezes more quickly.

Robert - We do quite alot of antique repairs and have found that
Hoover & Strong’s rose gold solders are the best. Otto-Frei solders
have a frustrating tendancy to have unequal melting points and
color. With the normal precautions of boric-acid/alcohol bath and
fresh soldering fluxes you shouldn’t have any problems. Also I find
greater sucess when using a soldering-pick to apply the solders,
therby preventing the solder from being overheated. Good lick. Kim