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Rose gold inquiries


After asking question about green and yellow gold, I now have some inquiries about rose gold alloys in 18k. Specifically what sort of 18k alloy yields a nice pinkish red colour. Should I include silver? If so how much? I know a common alloy is 750 parts pure gold 200 parts pure copper and 50 parts pure silver. I think this might be orange rather than a true pinkish red. Another is to add straight gold and copper meaning 750 parts pure gold and 250 parts pure copper. Would this alloy yield a nice pink colour or should I opt for a few percent silver. Maybe an in between alloy of 750 parts gold, 25 parts silver and 225 parts copper. Also is any amount of silver enough to discourage the formation of brittle intermetallic compounds or would I need to include up to 4-5 percent silver or quench at a red heat. Thanks for any information I am interested to hear anyone’s input :grinning: