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Rose gold alloy

hi guys

can anyone tell me what alloy is used to create Rose Gold ?


can anyone tell me what alloy is used to create Rose Gold ? 

Copper is what gives a rose or red gold alloy it’s color. An 18K red
gold made of just gold and copper will be a very “red” gold color,
though it needs careful handling when heating or annealing to avoid
it becoming very brittle and hard (It must be quenched from above
about 800 degrees F. Don’t slow cool or air cool it. Alcohol
quenching avoids the possibility of stress cracks from quenching.

If a straight gold/copper color is too rich, add silver to tone down
the color. The more silver you add, the more the color moves to the
standard gold alloy colors. A little silver with mostly copper in the
alloy (mixed of course with the desired percentage of gold for the
karat you’re making) still gives a nice rose color, and helps avoid
those problems with a brittle structure.

There’s no one exact formula, since “rose gold” covers a range of
colors, but the basic alloy is simply copper, or copper with a
variable amount of silver.

Some commercial rose golds may add things like small amounts of zinc
or other deoxidizers to make it more castable, but these need to be
small additions or they affect the color negatively…


Hi Mithun,

It obviously depends upon the karat of rose gold that you are after.
The following link shows the different alloys of gold used for the
different karats and colours.



The short answer is copper. 100% copper as alloy makes rose gold,
100% silver as alloy makes green gold. The long answer is that I had
a young man come in here and ask me why his rose gold wasn’t rose,
just kind of pinkish. He had bought rose gold from a prominent
refiner, and when we looked up the mix they showed a blend of copper
and silver. Since 100% copper rose gold is tricky to work, cast and
solder, I’m assuming that’s why they made a blend - for better
working properties. Except that it wasn’t rose gold, it was just
pinkish. 100% copper as alloy will give the rosiest gold you can get

  • any adjustments after that are up to you…