Rose De France

Hello All, I couldn’t get any sleep trying to find the source of the
term “Rose de France”. I knew that it referred to the light colored
variety of amethyst, but didn’t know who coined the name. I dug
through Dana, Kunz, Liddicoat, and a wide assortment of other mineral
and gem references. Amethyst goes way back in the literature (it has
roots deep in metaphysical subjects, that could quickly become off
topic), but no reference to “Rose de France”. Last night while looking
through the Tucson Gem and Mineral Soc. Library, I found a mention of
the term in Sinkankas (Gem and Mineral Data Book). Both “Rose de
France” and “Lilac” are RECENT marketing terms used to describe the
pale variety of Amethyst. I will have to ask John where he found the
reference the next time I see him. I can get some sleep now, I think.
Will Estavillo