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Roomate for Philly of Baltimore shows

Hi all,

Unfortunately due to the rain and mudslide disaster in my area,
(Topanga Canyon…did you like the photos of our boulder on the
news? No…it was NOT in Malibu as reported…it was here), I have
been forced to cancel both shows in Philly and in Baltimore.
Unfortunately, this has left my roomate Sylvie Harwin flying solo,
and she is in dire need of someone to share with at either or both
shows. If you need or want a roomate for the shows, or know someone
who might, Could you pleeeeeeease contact her asap?

Her address is:


Lisa, (digging out from the mudslide, the collapsed roads and the
fallen trees. Its raining again…sigh…dontcha love mother
nature?) Topanga, CA, USA