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Ronna Sarvas Weltman - Jewelry Gallery

Clyde Hill, WA.USA

I have discovered that art is uplifting and even regenerative works of beauty inspire all of us to see the best in the world, and look for more. This inspires us to create sometimes by making the world more beautiful through art, sometimes by making the world a better place by seeing the potential in others, and working to make our earth a better place for all of us.Beautiful jewelry is a celebration of color, form and texture, and whimsy and grace. Wearing beautiful jewelry not only enables us to celebrate art in our daily life, but share it with those around us. I use sterling and fine silver, polymer clay, and myriad other materials and found objects to craft one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry.

Materials: Polymer clay, fine silver, sterling silver, glass seed beads, black wax
Dimensions: 1 inch x 34 inches

Colors and patterns inspired by the natural world were interpreted using tropical colors and textures from animal skins interpreted in polymer, combining ancient with modern.

Photo credit: Doug Yaple

While We’re At It

Materials: Polymer clay, glass seed beads, black wax
Dimensions: 2 inches by 7 inches

Thin disks and hollow beads crafted in polymer translate to a very light weight that belies the strength of the materials. The inspiration behind this piece, which was crafted in the cold and gloomy Pacific Northwest, were the hot colors and sounds of the tropics.

Photo credit: Doug Yaple

Prayer Ring

Materials: Polymer clay, copper wire, sterling silver wire, acrylic paint, brown wax
Dimensions: 3/4 inch x 1-1/2 inch

This simple piece holds an enigmatic prayer.

Photo credit: Doug Yaple