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Ronda Coryell's Granulating Argentium DVD


I also have Ronda’s Argentium - Volume 1 Basics DVD. It’s packed
full of

I have taken courses from Ronda and think she is a great teacher -
generous with her knowledge and her enthusiasm is contagious which
comes through in her DVD. I just placed my first order for Argentium
silver and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Nancy Lord


Well I guess this makes me another Ronda’s fan, but I couldn’t
resist writing this!

I won’t be able to make it to Tucson but there are so many things I
love about her DVD, that I recommend the class to anyone no matter if
you’re just curious about this fairly new material or already in the
field and want to have an expert opinion by someone who knows it very
very well!

Ronda is such a great teacher who comprehends perfectly the
challenges of learning new techniques (the first project in the DVD
is great, giving instant gratification) and of understanding in more
detail a new material (she gives so many suggestions and tricks on
how Argentium behaves).

The DVD gave me the possibility to get to know Argentium and realize
that it has a great potential as new material among the non ferrous

Ah! I almost forgot the extra bonus that the DVD has: seeing Ronda
in her studio working…it is not often that I’m offered the
possibility to “snoop” around an artist studio while he/she is there



Hi, I 'm new member and I’m very happy to see all kind of grate
I can get. I can enjoy every night after work to browse
your pages next couple months(at least!) Looks like you have all
possible info, but I can contribute just one. My newest DVD is about
"Argentium" by Ronda Coryell. The DVD has no wasting time at all. I
took her granulation class 6 years ago. She was an excellent teacher
(I’m sure still she is!!) If anyone who are interesting in
granulation or argentium you should watch the DVD. My coworker told
me that she has some class at the Tucson (Catalog in Mortion) It
might be already filled up, but you should check it too. Is anyone
know if I can buy the DVD from herself? With an autograph? Anyway,
thank you for all the info.

Mai in CA
P.S. Who can recommend the best Mokumegane book?



Thank you for your compliments. I sell the DVDs directly from my
website: I would be honored to autograph one for
you. The full series will be available by February 10 as soon as I
return from Tucson. The 4 disc series is available under one jacket
or in individual volumes. Rio Grande, Revere Academy, and Otto Frei
all carry my DVD also. For those that have not tried Argentium, it
amazes me. The fusing qualities of this metal continue to WOW me.
Since granulation is “my thing”, I have totally changed my work to
include Argentium and 22kt or Platinum for a high end market. The
latest, I have been granulating on castings produced from CAD models
(part of my lecture in Tucson). Fine Silver granulation is the most
difficult. Argentium is not only easy, it is Sterling Silver, which
it so much more structural strength than FS.

Ronda Coryell


Attention everyone interested in granulating Argentium Silver: Ronda
Coryell’s new video is EXCELLENT!

Since I will be demonstrating and answering questions in the
Argentium Silver booth in Tucson at Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion,
I wanted to be able to speak knowledgably about what is
included in this DVD. I just finished watching it, and want to say
how impressed I am. Ronda delivers the essentials clearly and
succinctly in an easy-to-watch-and-listen-to manner. The production
and camera work are very good; the close-ups are clearly focused and
well lit. I give this video two thumbs up for teaching granulation
of Argentium Silver!

Cynthia Eid


I received the DVD, volume 1 on fusing, fabrication and granulation
Argentium, a couple of days ago. It is great! I’ve been wrestling
with argentium ever since it first came out, having a lot of trouble
soldering large bezels to the base. The method pictured for fusing
works very well for soldering also.

I was working on two pieces and decided to do both of them in
argentium. One of them has a large stone (30X25mm) and the other
piece has a design using 18k gold applique and a 22k bezel. I didn’t
try to fuse them because I did not have the yellow flux that Ronda
recommends. Otherwise, I followed the instructions shown in the DVD -
only using small snippets of easy argentium solder. Everything flowed
beautifully - what a joy! In the past I have tried to get the heat
under the background metal and used my usual small tip - this time I
used the biggest tip on my little torch, a #7, with a big bushy flame
and I didn’t even melt either of the bezels. (another problem I had
trying to get the solder to flow)

The pictures on the DVD are great and Ronda’s explanations very
clear. I can hardly wait to try the actual fusing. Thanks Ronda for
putting these dvds together.



Recently purchased Ronda Coryell’s Argentium DVD and it is great!
Have watched it over and over while waiting for my argentium silver
to arrive. That video is very professionally done, with critical
about how to handle argentium silver. I am often timid
about trying new techniques unless I have seen someone demonstrate
for me. The video is just like having Ronda in my own home and it is
great! I had a couple of questions after viewing the video the first
time, so I emailed Ronda (contact info is on the video). She
answered right back with very direct and concise answers to my

Her website is wonderful, too, with pictures of her? beautiful
granulation work!! Enjoying the sunshine on Washington’s Olympic

Kitti deLong


I took Ronda’s Argentium Fabrication, Fusing, and Granulation class
at Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion this year. It was FANTASTIC! Ronda
is a wonderful instructor and RG had a 1st class set up. It was worth
every penny. And I am definitely making the switch to Argentium.

Thank you again, Ronda, for such a great learning experience! Diana


I am interested to know more about the Fabrication part of Ronda’s
DVDs. Does it include working with Argentium solders? (I’ve heard
that soldering Argentium is much like karat gold, but still… would
love to see a demo…)

Also – I’m interested in the 970 Argentium alloy (apparently now
available from Rio in sheet and wire? Still can’t find it on their
website, though). Will there be a specifically-Argentium x-hard
solder for it, suitable for (subsequent, after fabrication)

Thanks in advance for any info, and
Best regards,


I want to share my excitement and high recommedation of Ronda
Coryell’s DVD collection on Argentium instruction. If you want to
learn, this series is it! Everything you want to know about Argentium
Silver is here. The closeup footage, descriptions, music, and most
of all, the step by step instruction of each project is done to
perfection. Hip Hip Hooray for Ronda Coryell’s great teaching!

A Happy Student
Annie Salter