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Roman glass


Hi All–

Does anyone out there know where I can purchase shards of ancient
Roman glass? I know that it’s “available” in Israel–but have no idea
how to find out about how–or if, I might buy it. Or where else I
might find it.

I know that there’s one jeweler who uses Roman glass in sterling,
often with amethyst accents. I have asked him several times where i
might buy it, but he won’t share the

I appreciate that many jewelers want to maintain their secret
sources. Many are afraid of having their designs copied. I am truly
not interested in that aspect of finding Roman glass. I figure, if
someone else has already made jewelry in a particular style, why
would I want to do the same thing? I can’t even find the time to
fabricate all my own designs. So–I’m not looking to steal any
ideas–just to find a source to nurture my own.