Rolling pattern onto metal

I would like to roll a pattern onto metal. Could someone give me a
tutorial on it. What to do. Any interesting patterns you’ve tried.
Thanks in advance.


Andrew Goss and Sandra Noble Goss (who have posted here in the past,
Goss Design Studio Jewelry - Site Moved) have excellent
instructions on their website. They have been very generous with
their and technical expertise and have a whole list of
suggested materials to use to create different patterns.

I have personally had wonderful results with Arches 140 lb.
watercolor paper. Crisply cut out open areas with a sharp craft
knife. The smaller knives/blades work the best. Be sure to cut enough
small openings (don’t leave a lot of the watercolor paper uncut but
make sure there is enough material to hold your work together) to
create a dynamic pattern. You = can even cut and roll out entire
pictures if you’re prepared for a bit of distortion.

Linda M

Anneal some copper and cut it into small pieces, maybe 2"x3", and
make a bunch of samples.Try anything that won’t damage your mill,
i.e., nothing wet, no steel or titanium. Try crumpled aluminum foil,
various papers, lace, fabric, aluminum screen, onion bags, haircut
clippings, sandpaper, bits of copper wire-- the sky’s the limit. Lay
material on the metal and roll it through at a setting that just
allows you to get it through without a hernia.

Try backing your metal with 3-4 layers of paper towel. You will find
that you get a deeper, more rounded impression.

Play, have fun, try different materials and pressures. Label your
samples for future reference.


Hi Linda:

Andrew Goss and Sandra Noble Goss (who have posted here in the
past, have
excellent instructions on their website. 

Though I am not the poster of the original roll printing question,
thank you so much for the link to the beautiful work. I especially
liked the brooch “eyes are like leaves”. I find this work truly
inspiring and original. The best word I can find to describe it
actually is “cool”. With all of the talk of copying styles and trade
secrets and whatnot of the past few days (and I had posted my own
juvenile response to the trade secret question) I wanted to throw
something else out there.

What I think about most is having the chance to hear the opinions of
some of the innovators (please don’t be shy, you know who you are).
What did it feel like to have that first “original thought”? People
view your work and say things like “I have never seen anything like
it”. Other people emulate your style, possibly try to copy what you
have done, but you had the “original thought”

I turn 38 a week from today and I am so glad that I have found
something I love to do. I wake up every day and continue to try to
find my idea. I want people to say to me someday “I have never seen
anything like it”.

So, what are the thoughts on originality?

Best Regards,
Kim Starbard
Cove Beads