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Rolling mills - Need source for

Some time ago there was discussion of imported rolling mills. Several
people indicated that they had purchased these for around $50.00. I
am a novice and think something like this would serve my purposes. Can
anyone put me on the trail of one of these machines? Thanks ahead of
time for your reply.

Joe Dowe

I was in Metalliferous a couple of weeks ago and saw a roliing mill
they were offering for $200.00, with interchangable rollers. I assume
that meant wire and/or pattern rollers. Since I bought a Durston combo
mill last year, I didn’t check out the one Metalliferous had.

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Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY

The Contenti Co. (800-343-3364) has some very inexpensive rolling
mills available. They may be in their online catalog at But I know they have them in their showroom
as I have seen them.I believe they bought a large amount of them and
got a very good price so they are selling them at a very reasonable

Hope this helps.
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