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Rolling Mill resurfacing

      Hi Sarah, Our Durston D2/120 rollers are somewhat worn in
the centre and rolled out sheet is over-thinned and buckled at the
edges. What do you recommend we do about that? As I'm in New
Zealand I expect I'll be taking the rollers down to a local
engineers for grinding down and resurfacing. 1. How do you
recommend we instruct the engineer? 2. How deep is the hardening on
your rollers? Will we need to get the engineer to harden the newly
ground surface? 

Dear Brian & All

  1. Give the engineer specific instructions that main part of roll
    must run true with bearing journals. Normally between 1-10 thou will
    clean up all marks. Also, both rolls must end up being the same

  2. You will not need to re-harden the rolls after grinding if you
    only remove 10 thou and as mentioned on several postings on Orchid a
    few weeks ago it is not possible. Roll will turn black, distort and
    probably crack.

If you send the rolls to us we will regrind them free of charge Sara
Durston Durston Rolling Mills, Progress House, Hospital Hill,
Waterside, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 1PJ, England