Rolling mill rep

I could not find in the archives the list member who worked for or
had contact with supplier of jewelry rolling mills. I am ready to
purchase a good used one or an economical new mill. It will not be
used on a daily basis so does not have to be “the best.” Some
pattern rolls would be an added advantage.

Any person with knowledge of a used rolling mill available for sale
or the individual associated with a supplier of mills can contact me
off line please.

Because of shipping weight consideration, let it be known I live in
Portland, OR.

Thank you
Larry E. Whittington
Web page started:
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Larry, Go to . This is business owned by fellow
Orchidian, Kennneth Singh. He has some nice, affordable, rolling
mills. He also happens to be a very nice guy and a generous supporter
of Orchid. Joel

Joel Schwalb