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Rolling mill ratio question

This community is quite knowledgeable and meticulous about any replication. Do any of you have a written list to share to the community of rolling ratios of round wire to both square and half round outcomes? As in x length of round wire of stated diameter will produce y length of closest square (or 1/2 round wire) diameter.

Without wasting product, I am trying to determine how much wire I need to get x inches of 0.128" thickness of square wire. Just an example. A full table would be wonderful.

If you each will share what you know, I will compile the table for all.

Thank you so much.

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This link may help,


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well, you can calculate it, wire length will increase / decrease proportionally to the ratio of cross section areas, before and after, example, a 1 square wire (1 x 1 cross section, or 1 square mm), if reduced to a 0.5 x 0.5 mm wire (or 0.25 sq mm cross section). the ratio of before/after = 1/0.25, = 4, so 1 cm of 1 nn cross section will produce 4 cm of 0.25 square. round wire, area of cross section is pi x radius x radius, 1/2 round is one hlf of that

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Pam6,Thank you sooo much. Works like a charm.

Mark_Zrinsky2 your answer is correct. Thank you. While your formula is correct and my math is good, Pam’s is soo much easier.

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hate to add another variable in the formula’s, it’s each individual rolling mill. each one will have it’s own quirks. Turning the crank/knob/wheel/handle just a bit too much or just a bit under desired amount will effect the outcome of the length. Math formula’s will get you in the ball park, but will not be exact. Do not be upset when you don’t have an exact outcome. I’ve rolled out literal miles of wire to find out from one pass to the next the length will vary by inches if not a foot or more. Same thickness, but not the same length. I also have an electric rolling mill which made it much easier. next that can affect the outcome is if the rollers are both calibrated to the correct opening on each end.

Thanks Aggie.p. There is no perfect world. Hopefully the dials on the top of the wheels where the space between the roller is set will help with consistency. Close is good for what I am doing. Need finished no more than 3 mil as I have to drill it to slide a 0.8 mm chain through with some room to spare.

I think you can find your answer in an application by Victoria Lansford called “iMakeJewelry”. You enter the length that you have and the shape and enter the shape you want and it gives you the final length. It is for drawing wire instead of using a rolling mill, but I would think the ratios are the same.

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