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Rolling mill questions

Greetings all, After taking 3 months of classes in San Miguel de
Allende in Mexico, I purchased while still in Mexico, a rolling Mil=
which I have until now not attempted to use. Now I’m wishing I’d
paid more attention to the lesson in maintenence of the machine.
It’s an " ROAL- R-80 ",and when I run a piece of plate through it,
The plate comes out “wavy”. When inspecting the function of the
rollers while they are turning I can see they aren’t set perfectly
parallel to each other…and a small gap appears at a certain point
in the revolution. A simple adjustment is al that is required ,I’m
sure…but the mill did not come with an instruction manual. Any
advice before I blindly begin experementing with it??? (this is my
first attempt at writing into this forum…I’ve been reading all the
advice and have benefited greatly from it…thank you all, and thank
you orchid.

Michelle Moss