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Rolling mill question

Hi everyone, I’m looking for on a rolling mill I’ve been
fortunate to acquire. I don’t have any literature on it and hope
some one out there will be able to identify the maker of the mill so
I can request some literature on this model. I hesitate in using a
new piece of equipment without some knowledge of its workings. The
only identifying marks on the mill are three horse heads in
silhouette and what appears to be the letter F to the left of the
horse heads. Anyone have a clue as to the make? I spoke to the
guys at Frei & Borel and they think it may be an English mill.
Thanks for the Help.

.  The only identifying marks on the mill are three horse heads in 

I belive you have a Calvin The one I have has three hourses heads at
the top on both sides should be able to get info from Swest

Made By Hand

Diane The rolling mills you have are produced by the Italian company F
Cavallin and in my humble opinion is one of the best on the market
today. My first Cavallin lasted me 25 years and I sold it on to
someone who will probably be using it for as long. By the way my
original 80mm Combination Cavallin was replaced by two 120mm
Cavallin’s one for flat plate and the other for square wire. These are
great mills. Happy rolling.

William Russell