Rolling mill oil

Hi everybody: I recently purchased a new rolling mill. I would be
interested in knowing what the best oil would be to clean and
protect the rollers. I am currently using 10W30, and a clean rag.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cary James,
Cary James Designs
P.O.Box 336
A1W 1M9
(709) 834-4745

Cary - I just lightly spray a little WD40 on the rollers after
using. I live in Florida and the humidity does a number on my
tools. Gini - Belleair Bluffs, Fl.

I have a video about Mokume Gane by Steve Midgett and doe has a
neat trick with his rolling mill. He cuts two pieces of sponge and
places one above the upper roller and one below the lower roller.
He then oils the two sponges and every time he uses the mill it
lubricates the rollers.


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