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Rolling mill - my new favorite toy

     I was lurking last year and read some of the questions about
which was the best rolling mill to buy. Well, last week I got in a
new Durstan 150mm Roma Rolling Mill. What a nice machine. I wrote
Durstan to tell them so. 

Dear Craig and staff,

I just thought I’d send a email. I just started using the new
Durston Roma mill today. What a great feel this mill has. I have a
Cavelin mill and two others from other companies. Boy, am I glad I
bought this mill. Tight tolerances and solid action that produces a
good piece of stock with no effort. Nice work guys. Thanks.

If you considering buying a new rolling would take a good long look
at the Durstan. I bought mine through Rio Grande. I think its worth
all $1100.00 US Dollars and the $350.00 shipping charges from
Arizona. The big difference seems to be in the machine barring and
the gear geometry to synchronize the rollers. Plus a lot of other
little things that just make feel good in the hand. The next rolling
mill I buy will probable be a Durston

Jim Zimmerman
Alpine Custom Jewellers & Repair