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Rolling mill from a price standpoint


I have decided to purchase a rolling mill and wanted to ask everyone
for their suggestions. I was looking at them from a price standpoint
but while researching, I discovered the Durston. The interesting
part about that mill is that you can purchase rollers with patterned
rollers for wire, which seems to be a good selling point. Does other
mills also have similar features and what is everyone’s opinion of
Durston mills?

Thank you.

what is everyone's opinion of Durston mills? 

Durston mills are fine tools and the company is truly a paragon of
customer service. You will not go wrong buying a mill from Durston

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Rick - I just got a Durston C130 for Christmas. I cannot believe
what a machine it is.I am very small - an army of one in my basement
studio and I cannot ever imagine out-growing this machine. I have
used everything on the mill. It is fantasic. Done things I could
never do before. I love it. I was afraid to make the purchase
because it was a lot ofmoney for my small shop. I the last few months
I have gotten it all back by being able to be better. I wish I would
have bought it sooner. I am glad I bought the mill I was afraid to
buy because I am not dissappointed. It’s great.

Hope it helps.



Durston mills really are the way to go. Their nearest competitor is
Cavallin, out of Italy, but I understand they are now out of
business. My advice would be to look for a geared mill, a combination
mill, with both grooved and flat rollers, AND a removeable side
roller, that you can change out easily. With the removable side
rollers, you’ll be able to buy (or have made by a machinist)
additional rollers to make your own custom wire shapes.

These inexpensive mills on the market that have interchangeable
rollers are very labor intensive to change out, and do not have the
inherent strength and precision of a Durston mill.

I’d suggest buying the widest mill you can get (C150), or the double
D2 model if you can afford it.

These mills, if taken care of, will last a lifetime, and Durston has
a repair headquarters here in the US, in Arizona, which also has
good a supply of parts.

Jay Whaley


Ditto on Durston I had a problem with mine after it wasat about 15
years old and they went above and beyond to resolve it. I highly
recommend them.

Dave Owen


Just purchased a Durston from A & A in LA. You might want to compare
their prices to others - very competitive. Have fun!


Just purchased a Durston from A & A in LA. You might want to
compare their prices to others - very competitive. Have fun! 

OMG, thank you so much for this link. I’ve been looking for the
economy rolling mill which I know isn’t the best but for a beginner
like me and the small projects I need it for, it’s perfect. I missed
out on getting it from Harbor Freight when they had them and the
least expensive I’ve been able to find this mill is still over $300.
To find it for $185, well, all I can say is thank you, thank you,
thank you!

MikiCat Designs


In no way connected with Durston, but I went with them based on the
"solid" nature of the reputation. I have had my mill for about
sixteen months and cannot begin to tell you what I feel it has done
for my skill development. My advice is this: buy as big as you can
afford, if in doubt, get the next bigger. It has become my best


I used one of the relatively inexpensive rolling mills
(Indian/Pakistani) for over 15 years, and it did (almost) everything
I needed it to. It did balk sometimes when I pushed it too hard. It
has changeable rollers, but I admit I’ve yet to change them; I just
used the flat ones.

And then at the end of last year I got my Durston. WOW. That is one
FABULOUS mill! I don’t have interchangeable rollers; mine’s the
dual-level one that does up to 6-inch sheet, various half-rounds,
and various rods. It is a complete delight to use.

One of these days I’m going to put some patterned rollers on my old
one, and play with that, though.


Amanda Fisher


I bought a Durston five or six years ago, it was one of my most
expensive purchases and I did a fair amount of research, it has since
been one of my favourite tools, good customer service as well.
Pricier than the Indian or Chinese made ones on the market, but
quality costs and my bin of cheapt ools, now defunct, has been more
expensive overall than my nice ones. My only regret is that I did
not get a model with reduction gears in the handle, handy if you want
to do mokume or roll out sheet, so I am now saving up for a
replacement. You lucky things in the US should also be benefitting
from a strong $ and a weak UKP, which I imagine has reduced the real
cost of Durston for US buyers.

No affiliation, just very happy with my purchase.




I am so happy to read your post. I work for Jay Whaley who is a
strong advocate of Rolling Mills, and have for several years known
Matthew Durston, both at Rio’s Catalog in Motion at Tucson, and via
emails. Durston is a reliably reputable manufacturer, of more than
Rolling MIlls.

Jay believes as you do buy the best you feel you can and then
stretch to one step up. It can be a lifelong investment, and once
bought and used, quickly earns its keep.The larger, stronger, more
roller options you can go for, please do. You will never regret it,
if you agree to use the mill to the maximum.

I have recently had the opportunity to speak with both Jurgen Maerz
and Andy Cooperman about imaginative uses of the mill, they are
right in there with Jay Whaley about pushing it beyond imaginable
limits. There is no limit.


In no way connected with Durston, but I went with them based on
the "solid" nature of the reputation. 

Which supplier did you purchase the Durston


I have worked in this trade since 1961 and when I started up my own
business as a self employed goldsmith, back in 1985, one of my first
workshop purchases was a Durston D2 Rolling Mill. This rolling mill
has served me well ever since and works as well today as when I first
purchased it. My advice is to buy the best machines you can afford
when buying major workshop equipment and Durston is the best rolling
mill available as many will agree. Also may I thank all who have
contacted me commenting on my book," The Work of a Master Goldsmith;A
Unique Collection" and asking questions about some of the many pieces
shown. Since Amazon has been selling it in the USA and Canada, I have
been getting emails asking details about my manufacturing techniques
on certain pieces. Thanks once again to all who have purchased the
book and I hope that you enjoy seeing the many images of my past
work. I am pleased to answer any questions about my work.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG

I bought a Durston five or six years ago, I am now saving up for a

Chris, if you are ever in the position where you want to sell your
first Durston, give me a shout please. I may just take it off your



Talk to Durston. I had bought a mill years ago without gear
reduction and was able to buy and install the gears afterward.