Rolling mill book recommendation

Hi all,

Does anyone know a good source for techniques using the rolling mill.
Book or video? Thanks for the great help on the overlapping earrings,
I would have never thought of rivets, but it makes perfect sense.

Thanks Again. -Rockey

Hello Rockey,

try you tube and pouncing rain. com, all have rolling mill videos.
it’s pretty basic though roll printing is a sandwhich of yout
texture and brass sheets and the metals you want to print in between
the brass. Some mills have interchangeable rollers so you can get
varying textures, wire widths and shapes and flat areas- maintenance
is standard, keep it oiled and free of acids- don’t take something
out of the pickle pot wipe it off to dry and ruin through the mill-
you will get a big surprise if you leave it covered and unused a few
days. Electric mills are easier and more costly than manual mills,
but manual mills work fine. Durston is the cream of the proverbial
crop and Karat a good manual 2ed, PEPE Italian mills a fine a manual
mill if well maintained (oil it all always). Rosenthal jewelr’s
supply in Miami Fl has the largest assortment of affordable ready
made interchangeable rollers - just make sure your mill can accept
additional rollers as all the machines aren’t made to take other
manufacturer’s rollers. Harbor Freight mills aren’t good for jewelry
making- shop work and knurling only! there you have it.