Rolling mill always leaves a feathered edge?

Ive had my Durston roll mill for nearly a year now and no matter
what i do it always leaves a feathered edge.

I thought it may have just needed breaking in but so far its making
no difference.

The rollers are aligned correctly, i reduce at very small increments
and anneal when needed.

Ive never had a problem before and have been using various rollers
for 10 years but this is also the only one ive used from new.

It seems the v rollers are too steep, is that possible?

It seems the v rollers are too steep, is that possible? 

I assume you’re talking about the grooves for rolling down semi
square wire.

Remember to rotate the wire a quarter turn between passes, and
especially when going from one groove size to the next smaller. And
also, for the last pass through a groove before going to the next
smaller size, it’s critical that the rolls be closed tightly in order
that the dimensions of the wire are now small enough to fit the next
smaller groove (when rotated a quarter turn). If the rolls are not
tight, there will indeed still be a little flange.

I doubt that the v grooves are not in their intended shape…

If the problem persists, you might try contacting Durston for

Peter Rowe