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Rolex Everose pink gold

Good morning all!

Just received the new Town And Country on Saturday and found an ad
on page 41 for Rolex. They are now making a watch with rose gold down
the middle of the band and around the bezel and are touting their new
innovation of Everose which is 18k with 2% platinum in the alloy that
is there to keep the rose color fresh looking.

Anybody seen this or heard of this alloy?



2% platinum to keep the gold fresh looking?! I can see a little
cache from the Pt and an effect on the color. I’d be surprised to
find out the platinum is really doing anything for the “fresh” look.
I would expect the metal to be darn hard from stamping, and unwieldy
for stamping without the Pt which would be a great grain refiner.
Sounds to me like a cool alloy with an odd marketing angle. Platinum
is a powerful lightener of color in gold. Unique color for sure.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West