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Roland protowizard DVD

Well I have had so many requests for training out of state and out
of the country that I have been forced to create a really good DVD.
The calibration videos are using a dial indicator and each location
that it needs to be put. If you are against this method don’t order

I am getting into the DVD mostly because I don’t really like
traveling all the time. It is great to help people get their
machines running but it takes all lot of time away from my family.

I feel good that these videos and written tutorials will help those
that have been struggling with the calibration of these machines.

With the purchase of this DVD there is no support offered all of my
secrets and methods are on this DVD. If you do have a question post
it on the forum and me or someone else with all lot of experience
will be happy to answer it.

This DVD is no way as good as bringing me down to show you one on
one how to calibrate, but it is a very good substitute if the other
method is impossible.

This cost of the DVDs is $800.00 for the first 15 preorders then the
cost will be $1,000.00

If you are interested in purchasing the DVD email me at

Matthew Gross