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Rock and Mineral clubs

To All, We have in the past discussed how to increase interest and
membership in Rock and Mineral Groups. Many suggestions have been

I would like to take the other side and gather on what
clubs do that discourages members from remaining or joining.

I think we need to look at both sides of the coin to gain a better
perspective of why this is an issue at all.

I am doing this to ultimately help keep this interest active and
thriving. Comments can be made directly to me and will be kept
anonymous. I will compile answers and upload them for all to see and
comment on publicly if you wish to do so.

Responses online can be commented on, but please no flaming. Let us
make this a productive thread. There are several situations that can

I cannot post to all above addresses, I would appreciate if
intermediaries pass this along for me.

Thank you, Teresa

I have been searching for a rock/mineral club for About a year. I
have visited several and offer the following comments:

  1. Too many meetings that are boring. I know that the club needs to
    conduct business, but general membership meetings should be of
    interest to the amateur/beginner collector. I think it would be
    beneficial if clubs could conduct as much gathering,
    discussion on the computer. Ideally, meetings should be about
    rocks/minerals and socializing. Also timing leaves a lot to be desired
    for working folks. I would rather go to a meeting on Saturday or
    Sunday, than to rush home, change, rush dinner, and rush off to some
    7:30 meeting that turns into a tedious discussion about something
    that somebody did or didnt do 6 months ago. Find some other way to air
    your dirty laundry.

  2. Many of us cannot travel to exotic locales such as Mozambique, or
    even Mexico to due financial and/or time contraints, and would be much
    more interested in a talk/slide show about the Marble Mountains or
    Wiley Wells, with samples of what you can find there.

  3. Most “newbies” are looking for help. Information on identifying,
    finding, cleaning and displaying is great. Swap meets for trading
    rocks are also good. Many younger people are into rocks for reasons
    other than making things of them.

  4. Field trips! Field trips! I often go alone, and would prefer
    company. Day trips, not overnighters are preferred. In the first place
    I dont have too many weekends to spare with full time work and family
    obligations. I am not interested in sleeping in the boonies, but would
    get up at 3 am to go someplace truly interesting. If I have to go
    overnight, I need a motel. Also I do not have 4WD, so avoid too many
    trips to places I cant go. Most of our local desert roads are
    negotiable in passenger cars.

My two cents worth Ursula