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Rocio and Pizza

Dear Friends, Our list mate Rocio Heredia is scheduled to teach a
Seminar in Stockton, California next weekend. She will spend some
extra time in the areas of Stockton, Chino, and here with me in San
Diego County.

Rocio would like to meet some of the wonderful and supportive friends
she has made online. Perhaps we can arrange a couple of Pizza parties
in the above areas as well as Los Angeles. I will be meeting her in
Los Angeles as she transits on October 17 enroute Stockton. Perhaps
Brian Marshall her host in Stockton can make a suggestion for
interested people in that area. Rocio will be staying with friends in
Chino and that may also be a gathering area.

Los Angeles and San Diego areas I will be happy to arrange, please
e-mail be directly. I can also drive her to surrounding areas with
some notice. I was even thinking of Arizona. My work scheduled has
unfortunately changed, and I must be at work by 7:45 PM Thursday
through Monday, so mid-day is the time I can handle most easily.

I will post more dates as soon as Rocio and I get our heads together.

Thanks, Teresa

Teresa, I am always interested in meeting other Orchidians
face-to-face. My showroom is in downtown Los Angeles in the
California Jewelry Mart, If you will be bringing Rocio to see the
Jewelry District, I would be pleased if you would visit. Just please
telephone FIRST to set up an appointment. If you’re setting up a
"pizza party," let me know, and I’ll try to be there. David Barzilay,
Lord of the Rings 213-488-5100

Hola ! Great idea Terrie , Thanks so much ! I’ll be in California
from october 17 to november 6. I don’t have yet my schedule, but I
will glad to meet our friends , Thanks again, Rocio