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Rivere necklace

Hello and Wish everyone a very Happy new year.

I would like some guidance or tips on making a Riviere or collect necklace.
It is called Attigai in India. (I guess they use the same technique)

Can anyone help please?

I have attached the not so good image of the beautiful jewellery. A very
traditional one.

I’ve made this sort of flexible bezel work on several occasions for necklaces, earrings and fancy watches. Basically it’s a thicker walled bezel so that a seat can be cut for the stone. For a straight lined project like earrings or a bracelet I put the bezel in a tube holder and drill a small hole straight through the sides at 3 o clcok and 9 o clock. I then solder a wire on one side. I then cut a notch on the bottom of the bezel the same thickness of the wire. Thread the wire through the next link. bend it under and solder. For a necklace you will need to make sure that the wires are at least half way between the bottom and the finished top to keep the top from flipping downward. Also if it is going to be curved like a necklace, rather than drilling and soldering the wires at 3 o clock and 9 o clock on the bezel you will have to do this at 10 o clock and two o clock. Also for a necklace you may want to have the wires attach on the sides rather than the bottom.
I’d recommend that you try this first with silver before you try it in gold to tweak the engineering so that it lays right.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Thank you so much Jo.

Will try.

Appreciate your inputs