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Rio’s “Extra Hands” Paste


I was going to use Rio’s “Extra hands” Paste today to protect some stones while soldering. After reading the caution though, I decided not too. I’m left wondering how safe this stuff is. I don’t have a ventilation system,… I do leave the side door open to the outside and when I remember, crack the garage door open to get a bit of circulation. Has anyone used this and what are your thoughts on safety with it? THANKS in advance for your input!


Thanks for asking! Members of our tech team have used our “Extra Hands Positioning and Insulating Compound” for many years and have never seen any side affects from it. Please let us know if you have additional questions. We hope this helps!


Thank you for the response. When soldering with it, do I need to wear a mask?


All of our products come with Safety Data Sheets, which provide extensive safety data about each product. It even cautions about side effects, emergency procedures, etc. Here is the link to the one about our Extra Hands compound: If you have any further questions, please reach out to us directly and we’d be happy to assist!


If this is the blue stuff you are talking about, the only time I used it was with turquoise and the blue turned to black…