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Rio Grande?

Does anyone know what’s up with Rio Grande. We’ve been tring to get
through for 2 weeks now with no success-no phone-no e mail-no web?

Rio converted to a new computer system – which failed horribly.
They then reverted back to their old computer system. In the
interim, all hell broke loose as they botched up many orders (taking
the order but not delivering the merchandise, etc.,) . Meanwhile,
while they restored their old system, they are now so overwhelmed
with phone calls that the wait time (if you can get through) is
phenominally long. According to their recording, they are adding
more customer service reps, but they won’t be “live” until they
finish their training - - which is estimated to be in 2 weeks.

I called them the day before yesterday and reached them after
getting a busy signal for 1/2 an hour and then waiting in the que
for almost an hour.

Given how professional Rio is, I am certain that this glitch is
temporary. My husband does computer conversions and what Rio must
have gone through is pretty much the worst case scenario - - I hope
they didn’t pay their computer consultants much money for creating
this mess. :-/

Dear Federrico, No problem with Rio Grande. They are going on a new
updated computer system. Lots of training for everyone. I have had
nothing but excellent contact with them over the last several months.
Keep trying.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
TR the Teacher

Supposedly they changed their computer system and have had mega
problems. Lots of people from the ISGB (International Society of
GLass Beadmakers) Forum have been posting about it and keeping
everyone up to date.



I have over 20 responses with basically the same content - Rio
Grande is upgrading it’s computer system. My apologies for all the
members that answered and their post will not appear on Orchid.
Please continue posting updates on the matter.

Thanks for understanding