Rio Grande Raffle Donation

Dear All - Here is the promised surprise item I talked about Rio
Grande donating for the sole benefit of Orchid - Rio Grande, helping
all of us to raise as much money as possible to support the
Orchid-Ganoksin network, has generously offered us a J2R CASTING
MACHINE We will raffle it to Orchid members for $40 per ticket with a
limit of 200 tickets to be sold in total. We are looking at a
cut-off date of June 30th, 2003. As usual, make the checks payable
to Patania’s Orchid and send to us here at Patania’s, 3000 East
Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716. Many, many thanks to Rio Grande for
offering this excellent item and for all of their interest in Orchid.
Later, we will post a link to offer a view of the casting machine if
you are not familiar with it. In the meantime, start the ball
rolling. As you saw with the Dinner raffles, you do not have to
attend anything to win. The odds for this expensive machine are
excellent and we try to make the ticket prices affordable for all.
Pat @ Patania’s