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Rio Grande Bursts Into Summer with Color

Rio Grande Bursts Into Summer with Color:
An Expanded Reactive Metals Line and Anodizing Equipment

Rio Grande expands its line of titanium and niobium sheet, wire and
findings as well as the anodizing equipment needed to bring out the
amazing color these reactive metals are capable of producing. In
today’s marketplace, color is king and a modest investment in
equipment and the metal are the keys to the kingdom.

Among the new items are titanium and niobium sheet and round wire
(in a variety of sheet sizes and wire gauges) and an array of
titanium ear wires, ear posts, ear nuts, chain, head pins and jump
rings. The design opportunities and creative potential are enormous.
And the ability to bring all these designs to colorful reality
couldn’t be easier. Several items, including wire and earrings, are
available already anodized in bright, remarkable colors and are
ready to use in creating jewelry designs.

The anodizing equipment and the know-how to use it are available at
Rio Grande. Expert help to answer questions, an instructive video
demonstration, step-by-step how-to’s and more stand by to serve.
Jewelers are invited to stop by and take a look at what
reactive metals can bring to their product lines this summer and