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Rio Grande back on track

Uggg. My last order still has issues. I called, waited on hold for
45 minutes and placed my order. I was told it would ship complete
the next day. I received the package and it was missing three items
and didn’t have an invoice or any other paperwork in the box. I
called asking where the rest of my order was(45 minutes on hold, talk
to someone, 5 more minutes on hold) only to be told that they didn’t
know why the missing items hadn’t been shipped and they all would
ship the next day. A week later I get a package and I’m still
missing two items. It didn’t have an invoice again but it did have a
note saying my invoice is in the second box of the shippment. I’ve
waited a couple of days, still no second box. I’m not looking
forward to sitting on hold again. I used to order nearly exclusively
from Rio but I’m switching to alternate suppliers.