Ring value?

I have a friend who wants to sell an old diamond ring from her
ex-fiancee. This is a bit outside my experience. The two
questions aRe: What is it worth today? and Where should she go
to get a decent price on it? The diamond is a round brilliant
cut, SI2 clarity, H in color, and 13 points in wieght. The ring
is 1.1 dts of 10 karat gold. The ring is about 10 yrs old, but
still in good condition. Would anyone be kind enough to offer
advice on this one?

Michael / QuestFox

If the weight on this diamond is correct (.13 ct.) there is
virtually no resale value on this item. No jeweler I know will
pay more than scrap value for the ring itself (usually $5-20) and
I don’t know anyone who would pay much more than $25-50 for the
diamond. Sounds to me like it is a good thing they never got
married as I can’t believe the guy could have paid much more than
$100 for it to begin with…

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Micheal, I own 3 jewelery stores and I purchase diamonds all the
time. On a diamond of this size (.13pts) you should figure on
$1500 per carat. Which means multiply .13 x 1500. You do the
math. Somewhere around $200.00. Thats pretty high considering
thats a friend. My advice is to go to a local family owned
jewelry store in a good neighboorhood which has a bench jeweler
on staff. Unless you are on a fixed income you really need to
spend more than this on an engagement ring. At least spend as
much on her diamond as you spent on your computer.

Hmmm… the ring you describe sounds like my engagement ring.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have married my husband?

I wouldn’t trade my little .11 ct. diamond in for all the 1
carat stones in the world. Mine was purchased by my husband with
the couple dollars he managed to set aside after paying college
tuition. Nope, it wasn’t much – but I didn’t expect to get
anything at all. We were both working our way through college,
and my little $125 ring was a major sacrifice. It was given to me
with all my husband’s love and hope for the future, and that’s
the reason it has value to me – not because of its appraisal

Just a little reminder that although DeBeers has convinced us he
doesn’t truly love us unless he gives us a giant rock, some
things matter more than how much he spent.


Suzanne Wade
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Dear Suzanne: Your engagement ring sounds like my engagement
ring! Mine is a .10 diamond bought with the proceeds from a set
of steps my husband had just been paid for that day. He spent
every penny of that job ($450) less $75.00 for groceries for the
next couple of weeks on that ring the same day he cashed the
check. That was 19 years and a 12 year old daughter ago.
Wouldn’t trade that devotion for anything.
Andrea Guyot/Guyot Brothers