Ring stamping pliers

Hi All.

Does anyone have any experience with ring stamping pliers? How do
they work? How deep do they go?


Andy, can you link to the ones you mean?

We have a pair of stamping pliers as work, fitted with a grooved
receiving side for earwires, and tiny stamps for the other side, that
fit into the groove. They are so easy to use! A great help. They
stamp as deeply as you care to make them, by how hard you squeeze.


It depends on what you’re stamping. They work great on small things
with small stamps, like ear wires. And they work well if you are just
stamping karat stamps inside shanks or on softer metals. But if you
are using stamps with a larger surface area, say trademarks, logos or
the like, or on something like white gold, you just can’t get enough
squeeze to stamp it deep enough. With the larger stamps, inside
shanks, I think you are better off sticking with the brass stamping
block, stamp and hammer, that way you can get it nice and deep.
Unless it’s fairly soft, like sterling silver, if you are using the
pliers with the big stamp inside a shank you may need to squeeze it
in your vise, which is a bit of a pain.