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Ring sizing observance

Hi All;

In regard to ring sizing problems; I find that one of the most
common problems with sizing rings is a lack of agreement among all
parties as to where on the mandrel the size is read. Most people, I
find, read the size directly over the line on the mandrel, centering
the ring over this line. Others read the size up to the line, in other
words, slide the ring up the mandrel to where it stops and if it stops
at the 6 you’ve got a size 6. But wait a minute! The first type of
measurement will give you a consistent measurement of the inside
diameter of the ring, however, what counts is the ring that fits the
customer’s finger. Inside diameter would be fine if all rings had the
same width of shank. Ring sizers come in wide and narrow sets. This
is because most people will need a slightly larger size in a wide ring
because of the amount of contact with the finger and how a wider rings
crowds more skin under it and feels tighter. Check your ring sizers
against your shops mandrel and you’ll find that in most cases, the
consistency lies with the method of measuring a ring by centering it
over the sizing line. A wide size 6 and a narrow size 6 will both
center over the line marked 6 on the mandrel. Measured up to a line,
the wide ring will go about 1/4 size further up the mandrel, but it
will still fit like a 6 on most people. Also, avoid the hollow metal
mandrels used in the showroom. After they get beat up a bit, they stop
measuring accurately. By the way, I think there ought to be a little
more quality control and abidance to a certified standard in the
manufacture of these tools. I’ve seen some mighty sloppy sets of
sizers as well as cheap mandrels that were off quite a bit.

David L. Huffman