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Ring size conversion help

Hello Orchidians, I’ve got a customer from Bali ordering wedding
rings. I need some help figuring the american equivalent - the
numbers do not match up with any of the conversion charts I’ve seen.
This is what I have: Size 5 approximately 1.7-1.8cm diameter Size 21
approximately 2.2 cm diameter. Any ideas? Thanks , and happy holidays
for those of us celebrating one. Michelle
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Discussions over this topic took place few times over the last
couple of years at the Orchid forums. You can retrieve
the threads by running a keyword search.

Check out the following address to learn moRe:

Best Regards


Happy holidays to you, too. I’m an American in a foreign country &
had to just think about Thanksgiving instead of actually having the
day off & celebrating.

Since I’m in Europe, I have both the American & metric size
measurers. I put my US size 5 sizer ring on my metric ring stick & it
comes to 49mm circumference, just like your chart showed. And that
matches the chart I have, too, in Harold O’Connor’s Reference Guide.
Also, that size 5 is approx 15 3/4mm in diameter (the other
measurement on the ring stick). I would say your charts are right on

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