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Ring Repair Book by Revere


Hello Orchidians everywhere,

I just returned from the Las Vegas show where I talked with Alan
Revere and saw the first copy of Alan’s new book, “Ring Repair”.
What I want to know is, where has this book been for the last
20 years!!! I have been training my own goldsmiths for nearly
20 years and this book would have taken all the guess work out
of it. This book looks to me to be the definitive manual on how
to repair rings. Shanks, prongs, sizing and things many
jewelers never have seen or dreamed of. The pictures are clear
and crisp the drawings are great and it looks easy to follow.
Alan is very meticulous and likes to see things done right, and
boy did he nail it this time!!

The reason I am ranting and raving is that when I saw the book I
instantly thought of all the students and beginners here on
Orchid. This book will give you a huge head start. If you work
on your basic skills and do them well, then this book will give
you the knowledge to do just about any kind of ring repair. My
beginning jewelers will have copies of this book at their
benches as soon as its available.

Good luck and Happy Soldering
Ray Holliday
Still waiting for summer in Southern Oregon


That’s really wonderful! I can’t wait to see it. I feel I owe
so much of my technical learning to Alan’s Professional
Goldsmithing book. When I started out I made almost every
project in the book, following every little detail (and his
projects are VERY detailed). It didn’t take long for these
techniques to translate into my own designs and allow me to
fabricate in ways I never knew were possible. You can only
learn so much from trial and error…seeing how something is done
right can be like magic.

I am fortunate now to live next to San Francisco and take

workshops at the Revere Academy. Thank you Alan and everyone else
who takes the time to write these indispensable books of jewelry
technique. I don’t think I could be a “self-taught” jeweler
without them!

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry