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Ring Lights

I am looking for advice on using ring lights to photograph jewelry. There isn’t much recent information in the archives that I can find. Any suggestions regarding make, model, set up etc. would be appreciated. Thanks…Rob

Hi Rob,

Recently I bought the following and recommend it. It comes with many adapters. The light can be left on or used as a flash. If used as a flash you can also select it to flash only on the left side of the ring light, or only on the right side. This sometimes helps with glare on shiny metal and can give light/shadow molding.

It is the only one I’ve tried, but it works very well for me.


I would recommend a light box with led strips and a diffuser cloth. About lighting you can add a small Flashlight and can keep under the box rather than fixing on the camera. Add remote trigger to your dslr and use any macro lens. Further to it if you want to add colors on stone or metal … you can add one more flash light with color filter adopter over it or just a deep colored transparent plastic film. It creates amazing effects. Try focus stacking to achieve best results.