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Ring layout and construction

Hello all,

I’m working on some ring designs and having a real debate with
myself as to the best way to put them together. They’ll be decorated
rings, not bands, so they will have wirework, granulation, and/or
stones on the top of them. I’ll be making them from flat sheet, so
what I’m debating is where to put the seam.

It seems easier to lay out the basic shape of the decoration with
the top of the ring in the middle of the flat blank, so that when
the ring is rounded and closed, the seam is at the bottom of the
ring, on the palm side of the hand wearing it. But, resources I’ve
looked at often have it the other way- what will be the top of the
ring is made at the two ends of the blank, so the design is laid out
in two separate halves, to come together as one with the seam on the
top of the ring.

My rings will be fused, so there won’t be a solder seam, or any seam
at the join once it’s fused together, so having to hide a seam is
not an issue. Either way, much of the decoration will have to go on
once they are round, since I know things drift as the metal is bent
into a ring. But, considering structural soundness, strength, making
lasting pieces, and just the general “proper way to do things”, I’d
love to hear how others approach this issue.


There shouldn’t be any structural issues if you are fusing the rings
closed, as there will be no weak points. So where to put the joint
is probably personal choice.


Rings are often sized at some point in the life of a ring, so…

A seam at the bottom is going to happen anyway.


I like the solder seam on the bottom of the ring. less problems
soldering things on the top.