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Ring from hell

I had a 120 stone Princess channel-set, eternity ring from hell to
work on, so I gave it to my jeweller to get me out of this mess. I
was sinking and wallowing in problems!

I asked him to increase the inside of the ring from a size 6.75 to a
7.25+! He gave me what he thought was a great job, I looked at it
and had a convulsion. It was nowhere near what I wanted. Not even a
"comfort fit" as I wanted…duh!

I took it home and decided to do it myself…grinding away till I was
satisfied. It is now a tight 7.5 or 17.45mm’s. I wanted 17.75mm’s to
be exactly happy. Apparently I had many kinds of grinding burs of all
sizes and textures to get in a hack it away.

It wasn’t done to my specs, heck with him! I spent over an hour to
get it done, pumice wheel #180 grit here and there. Now its finished
and hoping this “customer and her ring from hell” will like it!

Moral of this story; “if you want it done your way, do it yourself”.