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Ring Design

A friend gave me an ad for a ring that seems like an interesting
design that I would like to try but the only view is the plan view
and there is no clue what it looks life from other angles.

It looks like a horseshoe with the stone pinched between the ends.
The table is slightly below the top of the ends but beyond that, I
have no idea other than cast in place but that would not help me.

Anyone have a picture of this sort of thing or know what it is


Anyone have a picture of this sort of thing or know what it is

Sounds like a tension set ring, Jack. This web site has loads of
pics: It’s a
commercial site, but I don’t know them or anything about them, just a
wide range of photos. Feast your eyes.

James in SoFl

Grit your teeth!

That is an open set that is merely a flatband that is a sort of
channel set.

You might get away with casting diamonds in place but the common
method is to make the spread slightly larger than the stone, cut a
channel for the bearing seat, and hammer away till it’s tight. A
gravermax makes the job easier but it takes a delicate touch. guess
you could call it a visible bearing set. Good luck and do any
engraving after you set the stone as hammering will distort.

Ringman John

this sounds like a “tension” set stone, if i understand your
description to be the front or back view, (as opposed to top or
shank side.) this cannot be achieved by casting, one must have
special skills to sufficiently harden & form with a lot of spring to
make sure the stone isn’t lost in wear.