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Ring bender tool solution

Hello fellow Orchidians, including Andy Cooperman,

Was looking around the studio for a matchbook to put betweent he
ring stock and the flat insert, Andy. No smoke, no matchbook.

My over-active brain (that keeps me from sleeping well before shows)
kicked in and I tried a plastic material that worked in protecting
the ring shank from marring while cranking: Evergreen Scale Models’
Sheet Styrene, item # 9007, .4mm thick (.015"). Purchased it a while
back at a model train shop in Pasadena, CA: The Original Whistle
Stop; phone: 626-796-7791. Cut a piece long enough to travel with the
ring stock to go all of the way around. It seemed to move with the

I’m sooooo excited! Not one mark on the shank! The stock is 1/2
round low dome, 8mm wide; I turned the stock inside out, resulting in
a comfort fit. In the past, each crank slightly marked the outside,
resulting in time-consuming finishing.

Ecstatic in San Marino!
Kay Taylor