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Ring band shifted/setting off on one side

Ok, so I figured out my previous setting problem with my bezels and 3 opals. Now, while trying to join the band to the setting, one side shifted and I didn’t notice. How can I I’m solder this without undoing the rest? Or should I cut it and redo it? Or should I just trash something I’ve worked weeks on?

See if you can gently warm it up till the solder flows and push it back into position.

The safest approach would probably be to cut off the one setting, and make replacement, but if you wish to try to use the torch, and shift the offending setting back into place, it can be done.

You must really secure the rest of the assembly so that the only piece of it that can move is that 1 setting you wish to relocate.
Clamps, holding everything very securely, or setting the ring into investment so that only the one area you wish to work on is exposed, are both possibilities.

Having a laser, I would slightly tack weld the settings that are in the correct alignment, so that they can never shift again, then clamp the ring securely, and use the torch to reflow the solder under that one setting just enough to shift it back into place.

My first instructor in this craft used to say that a craftsman is not someone who never makes mistakes, but someone who knows what to do to correct them.

Good luck. Every job is a learning experience, even after 40 years riding the bench.


Thank you for your response. Cutting it was my first instinct and I’m glad it was the right one. I didn’t want to have to toss all that material and the work I put in it. I was able to get it cut and recentered :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to get some investment or a vice for situations like these. It was a bit of a circus act trying to dance around the seam with my saw. But I’m actually kind of glad it happened so I could experience the mistake and correct it. :slight_smile:


I have many times had to rework a ring to get the setting straight…that’s
what we do…a teacher once said to me that sometimes it takes at least 3
times to get a technique ‘right’…unfortunately that seems to be true! It
is not easy to solder heads next to each other ‘free hand’.
Good luck!


My finished ring. I’m so happy with it!

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