Right-sided, onglette #2 Bright-cutting graver

The title seems long, but the application will last forever! I was
taught about this graver-shaping from my own teacher, over 50 years
ago, my how time flies! It is now in the process, after many days of
trying to mentally prepare my thoughts & layout of my bench-top. My
first video was way too large @ 689 MB, I have now to make 2-3 videos
out of it to make them into smaller files. I’ll try this again

I wanted everyone to understand it is easy. It’s not-rocket science
in modifying your graver-skills! All you really need is an Onglette #2
graver (my choice) 2 pieces of polishing paper, number #2/0 & #4/0
with a pencil.

Where could this process be used?..anywhere that a bright-cut is
required. This is inside Princess corner Prongs/Claws, Gypsy/Flush
settings, Oval Bezel settings, inside Channel Setting walls, of
course all other Diamond Setting applications. I now avoid using the
Flat graver, as the graver edge will hit a stone facet & transfer the
facet corner to the metal! With this new graver application, none of
the facet-cutting will be transferred to the metal. Please remember
not to lean the graver to make the angle too wide. Let the angle of
the graver with it’s own previously shaped contours, give you the
setter & jeweller the necessary effects for Bright-Cutting! * Gerry

  • *who is still @ the bench!-