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Ricco Gallery of Cotemporary American Art Jewelry

Hi all,

Got this email recently from a guy I trust who is opening a
gallery and looking for potential people to exhibit and include.
If I were you, as with any new gallery, I might ask for some
references if you contact him… Charles

The gallery is accepting submissions of slides for future
exbibits. Perhaps you know of some individuals who would
be interested. Ricco

Ricco Gallery of
Contemporary American Art Jewelry
P.O. Box 883 124 W. German St. Shepherdstown, WV 25443

About the Gallery and its Owner

  Riccardo Accurso, a self-taught metal artist who has been making

jewelry since 1970, is the owner and operator of the recently opened
Ricco Gallery of Contemporary American Art Jewelry in Shepherdstown,
West Virginia. He began selling his jewelry at Fisherman=92s Wharf in San
Francisco and since then has had shops in the United States as well as
in Greece and Spain.

   In 1996, he opened a small shop in Shepherdstown, and rapidly developed

a sizable clientele based on the excellence of his work In June of
1998, Ricco moved from his previous location–a tiny shop six and one
half feet wide by twenty feet deep–and opened his gallery dedicated to
the promotion and sale of contemporary American art jewelry. The
gallery is housed in a restored 1763 Colonial building on the main
commericial street of town. The gallery is sited in the large front
room of this building, with its original fireplace still functional.
Hardwood floors, solid cherry showcases, and professionally applied wall
treatments have resulted in an upscale, inviting atmosphere.

Ricco feels that the current expansion of artistic expression in the
genre of art metal is of great cultural importance and may be seen, in
future times, as decidedly epochal as was say, Art Nouveau or Art Deco.
This is truly an exciting time to be involved with this movement, and
the gallery is happy to be a part of the expansion and promotion of this
new art form. Ricco Gallery focuses on cutting edge, yet wearable
art jewelry, The primary medium should be metal, with secondary elements
of other materials permitted. Designs should be fabricated,
one-of-a-kind originals or limited small series.

About the Town

   Shepherdstown is located within the greater Washington,  D.C./

Baltimore Metropolitan area, about ! !/2 hours from either city.
Founded in 1742, it is the oldest town in West Virginia. Its quaint
beauty, as well as the fact that it=92s home to a small liberal arts
college (Shepherd College), has made it a mecca for artists seeking
refuge from the nearby bigger cities.

   Shepherdstown has eight art galleries including Ricco Gallery, as well

as a variety of craft shops and other businesses. The area abounds with
talented artists, making it an attractive destination for art lovers
from the nearby metro areas. In the countryside around Shepherdstown
there are many artists working in a wide variety of media who have
achieved considerable recognition in their respective fields for the
quality of their work.

   The annual Contemporary American Theatre Festival, sponsored by the

theatre department at Shepherd College, features cutting edge plays with
Equity actors from New York City and elsewhere. This event has been
growing in stature and recognition since it started 8 years ago, and is
drawing a rapidly increasing attendance each year. In 1998, the
galleries of Shepherdstown collaborated to set up and publicize a
walking tour of galleries for theatre patrons. This tour was so well
received that the galleries are now going to sponsor gallery walks one
night each month.

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