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Rhodium Solution For Sale
Recent Forum discussions about gold electroplating caused us to wonder if someone might be interested in this Rhodium Solution Paige Tools recently acquired. Attached images show the solution and depict how we checked it out. The Niton XL2 (XRF) unit shot ‘through’ the bottle to make its calculations.
See the screen readout in one photo.
Pd = 2.02% (palladium)
Rh = 91.65% (rhodium)
Ru = 2.57% (ruthenium)

Degauss (Germany) & precious metals have always been synonymous with Top Quality, world class products in silver, gold, platinum, plating solutions, bullion, etc.

We are selling a Brand New, unused. 2, Gram Bottle of Pen Plating Solution, Formula 271. Purchased from a US jewelry products company that went out of business. Paige wanted to offer a good deal to a jewelry maker in support of the industry where we work. Only one, bottle is available.

Price: $650 plus shipping. Check out the price!
(Only shipped to a USA address).
Currently at about $19,000.00 a troy ounce Rhodium is expensive!

Contact us off Forum by email or phone with any questions.
Office hours: 10am-5pm weekdays PSDT.
(206) 527-1515

Rhodium 271