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[Rhode Island] Jewelers Equipment Auction


Hello Orchid,

I have received a number of requests for on the auction I
mentioned coming up in June for great used PROFESSIONAL jewelry
making equipment and machinery- I wouldpersonally love to afford the
digitally controlled 3 barrel tumbler and the 10" x15" 2 up
Waterbury Farrel Rolling Mill so if you all could avoid bidding
against me on those two items that would be just dandy!

Anyway its a 15% on line buyers premium and I believe 12% in person
on site. If I were Nearby and needed any of the 230 chain styles
machines I would certainly go check them out before hand…All-in-all
it promises to be a great auction for decent used items but you’ll
need a trailer to haul most off (and a couple of strong friends or a
forklift on the other end- they have a forklift at the site to load
but then that little detail of the unloading dawns on you after you
raise the paddle!)…So happy bidding and if you need more information
or to see the catalogue of items available (some fabulous Rolling
mills, and a great anneling furnace, and 2 or 3 nice drawbenches…
are up for auction) or to pre-register on bidspotter, please go to
the auction’s site

Here’s The Info:

Thursday, June 18, 2009 10:30 AM (EDT)

Jewelry Manufacturing, Wire Drawing & Rolling Mill Huge Offering of
Manufacturing and Jewelry Manufacturing Equipment From a Leading
Manufacturer, Including: (230) Jewelry Chain Machines, Hydraulic
Presses, Rautomead Continuous Casters, Rolling Mills, Rod Mills,
Annealing Furnaces, Wire Drawers, Draw Benches, Bull blocks, etc.
*West Warwich, Rhode Island - USA

Name Huge Offering of Manfuacturing and Jewelry Manufacturing
Equipment From a Leading Manufacturer Where 131 Winthrop Avenue West
Warwick RI USA When Thursday, June 18th, 2009 Scheduled start time:
9:30 AM US Central Time Selling Currency & Internet Fee/Buyer
Premium Currency: USD IF/BP:15.0% Contact Phone: 203-458-0709

So happy bidding and if you need more or to see the
catalogue of items available.... please go to the auction's site 

And what would that be, please?..