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RhinoGold CAD on mac

Hi folks,

I have recently added rhinoGold and T-splines to my rhino4. I am
running it all on a new macbook pro using bootcamp with windows 7

The mac decision was a great decision for me - I’m very happy with
it and it works more beautifully than any of the windows based PC’s
and laptops I have ever owned… So I have no problems here and now
understand why people love their macs…

My issue, and query to other rhinoGold users is this… do you have
problems with rhinoGold itself being unpredictable?

My Rhino4 works perfectly… T-splines seems to work perfectly (need
to explore this one more, only just got it and still need to learn
more, but thus far it does things it’s meant to do when I follow
along with tutorials)… But rhinoGold seems to be trying to throw
me into a state of depression! Having spent a lot on it, it never
seems to consistently work fluidly! There are always glitches and
bugs and crashes… Does anyone else find this? Should I be using it
within the standard rhino interface? (Even though I do prefer the RG
interface, if it all worked!) Am I expecting too much of it to work
to the standard of rhino4?

As it currently stands I have been exploring and trying to learn the
functionalities within RG but pretty much all the time I use it, at
SOME point, it will throw an error msg at me or not do what it does
on the video instruction (on the RG website).

I am constantly in touch with TDM with these things and I don’t know
if its just me or if RG actually genuinely does still have lots of
wrinkles to iron out??

I would really like to know how others are experiencing this plug

Thanks in advance…
PS: No mac vs PC warfare please!! :slight_smile:

Hi Gia,

I have the exact same setup as you have, and also run it on my iMac
via bootcamp.

I too have problems every now and then with RG, but not as many as it
seems you have. Again, I too have no problems at all with Rhino 4 or
the beta Rhino 5 for that matter. The best bet is to be specific with
the issue you are having–the RG forum has been a pretty good source
of assistance for me whenever I find a glitch, and many of them have
been corrected with subsequent releases, but it is not perfect. Too
often I think other users want to blame it on the Mac, when that
really has nothing to do with it if you are running it in bootcamp :slight_smile:

Feel free to email me if you have a specific issue and I can see if
I’m having the same problem–if not, then it might be your settings,


I saw saw this thread and missed what was previously said. Just make
sure you run Rhino and RG on Bootcamp on your mac. I found out the
hard way that they are not well supported currently with Parallels.


Doesn’t work well with Fusion either–Bootcamp works great! :slight_smile: